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sasss world

Feeling. Transforming. Reimagining. SASSS is a multidisciplinary artist who wants to reimagine the world around us + how we exist together in these spaces. They want to facilitate joy, inspiration & connection by transforming site-specific spaces into new worlds that bring fantasy into real and active shared experiences. SASSS takes on these concepts in more intimate settings through photographic portrait experiences. 

They use light, color and fabric to create spaces that visually reflect what queerness & the future feels like to them—vibrant, beautiful, limitless. Born from a desire to be seen and to see others, SASSS uses painting and photography to immortalize their subjects in expressive, bold color using their signature lighting style.


SASSS is interested in the future (new worlds) but also proof of the moment (photographs). They are challenging people to submerge within themselves but also to propel into the future. SASSS believe art-making is essential to our survival and that they are here to activate minds, bodies & hearts through shared art experiences.


How are we to live in a better world if we cannot dream of one?

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